Dragon Girl


I’ve been looking through your tumblr
desperately searching for the thing that
I see in you each time we fuck.
That glowing ember, lit behind your eyes
perhaps reflected from the pipe in your hands,
as you blow smoke into my mouth, I can feel
our cells rise together, sharing, tonguing, I—

We have become creatures of the internet
hiding ourselves behind blue screens, hoping
that the space between us will inch closer until
we are virtually sitting on each others laps
never touching, but our minds reaching out
across code and wifi waves, I realize that
I miss touching you, I miss dragging my fingernails
across your breast, going lower, lower, lower…

tonight I looked at your OkCupid account, trying
to figure out if we were more compatible than when
we fucked in the library, uncaring at the windows behind us
I slammed you against the stacks, wondering if that noise I heard
were the books rustling, or if it was that one student
who also uses the carrells regularly, I am still not sure what I heard.
Maybe it was just the movement of your lungs, expelling a single
expletive which is almost as sweet as my name on your tongue.

Every night I lay in my bed across the college we call home,
I wonder how your skin would taste in my mouth, leaving
tracks down to your belly button, a turtle on your ribs,
teeth marks on your hip until you are gasping for breath,
little moans escaping from behind your clenched jaw.
Each time I touch you I break another thing,
a necklace here, a mug there,
I don’t want to break you but I’m afraid I will
but you are not delicate, you are the fire
burning bright behind your eyes
rampaging through you, and I wonder if I will
be the one left burnt, molting, into myself.




Tonight, I want to write poetry down your back.
write odes to each divot and crevice- to each vertebrate.
I want to trace your skin with my lips, know
all the secrets that you’ve written with your fingertips.
Your hands- rough between mine-
share a lifetime of sensory images
colors that I cannot process or imagine.
does your skin prickle like mine when you moan?

I’m not a morning person but I
would wake up every day to watch
the sunrise spill across your tiny motions
dust motes gently caressing
the air around your form



Brush your finger pads across my already flushed skin.
The scent of your hair calls me
like the draw of the sun to the blooming flower.
Your skin tastes of fresh sun-warmed strawberries and heavy-whipping cream—
consumed under the fluorescent light bulb at eleven o’clock at night,
while you and I dance in the almost-silence-
in tandem to the rhythm of the leaves rustling in the trees.

You are the opposite of me,
your toes tap a beat I cannot place.
Your crooked smile and ready laugh are soothing to my ears.
Like the moon brushes the tips of the trees:
I want to brush your hair aside.
trail my fingers down your arm;
You hands within mine
your bright eyes burning behind my closed eyelids.
the orange pads of your carrot-dyed fingers
make you appear to be more cunning then you already are.
Bark at the moon:



Maybe you only love me when you’re drunk,
pressed between friends and strangers
at a bar in New York City.

Maybe you only love me
when vulnerability can be blamed on excess.
on the over-the-top, on the chandelier made of pearl

Maybe you only love me in the inebriated abstract,
or the concrete physical— but I cannot wait on maybes
of hope I create in myself, in the line of your smile.

But maybe this is how I love you
in between the spaces of written letters
in the millions of sounds between your heartbeat and mine
in the darkness and in my still too empty bed

Baby Mena Baby Blanket


One of my friends has asked me to make her a baby blanket for her future niece and/or nephew! Her brother is extremely catholic (though she is not) and is practicing “natural family planning” with his equally conservative, catholic wife– so she could be pregnant at any time. I figured that it was no skin off my back to do it– especially since the supplies for baby blankets are so easy to haul around! I decided to make it in strips again and here is the pattern that I’ll be using:

I’ve decided to once again utilize the Tree of Life pattern from the Tree of Life Afghan, as it does really look quite nice on baby blankets. For this blanket, especially since it is unknown what gender the baby will be, I’ve decided to use neutral colors. I’ve already got a stash of the Valley Yarns Southwick, as I have for the rest of the baby blankets that I’ve done. You can find the link to this yarn here.

Moreover, I’ve decided to put the leaves as the outside. Cliché, perhaps, but I realized out of the 3 baby blankets that I’ve already made, I’ve never done this! Might as well start now, I suppose. 

Pictures will be forthcoming after I finish all of my other projects for the holidays and actually start the project. 

Chunky Infinity Scarf



  • Valley Yarns Berkshire in Yellow (2.5 Skeins – approx 352 yards)
  • US Size 10, 30″ circular needles

You can find the pattern for this particular scarf here— for this particular project I only utilized chunkier yarn, a different color, and larger needles to take a different spin on the same pattern that I recently completed for my baby sister. This pattern went much faster, and is much thicker than the one that I made for her, and will more likely be much warmer for the person that I am gifting it to! Pictures of the project can be seen below:

measuring as I went

measuring as I went

rolled up like a cute little cinnamon bun!

rolled up like a cute little cinnamon bun!

artfully draped over computer screen

artfully draped over computer screen

Ends sewn together

Ends sewn together

Attack on Titan Blanket – Survey Corps Crest


So I’ve decided to take another crack at colorwork while I am allowing my ex’s blanket that I’d been working on for a very long time sit for a bit before going back to it. However, this time it is for a very good friend of mine who also happens to be the other TA for the first year seminar. This knitting project, for her 21st birthday in February, is going to have to be cunningly completed over J-term and Christmas break when I am sitting in my room by myself with not much else to do. So what am I doing? I’ve decided to make her a blanket with the symbol of one of her favorite animes, Attack on Titan (2013 -). She and I watched most of it together, until such a point that I grew too impatient to watch the rest with her (she’d already seen it once through already) and watched the final few episodes by myself. I must say that I was very proud of myself for getting through this terrifying, surreal, apocalyptic narrative by myself, as this type of narrative has never been my cup of tea. The idea that I have had is that I am going to make a 5’X4′ blanket for her to snuggle up in, because she likes to be warm, and being in New England, that really isn’t a possibility between the months of November to early March.

This is a pattern that I have improvised myself, and we will see if it comes out. Currently the supplies that I have for this pattern are:

  • US Size 9, 60″ circular knitting needles
  • Berroco Vintage yarn (which can be found here at Webs store)
  • and Berroco Vintage Chunky (which can be found here from the same store)

The color that I have in the Chunky is blue, or dye lot 61191. I bought only one skein, which will be apparent when you look at the picture below. For the rest of the yarn that I purchased, it was simply Berroco vintage yarn. I purchased (as of 12/4/2013) 1 skein of black, 4 skeins of green, 1 skein of white, and 2 skeins of grey. I am positive that I will more than likely have to purchase more green yarn, but I am hopeful that since I have 868 yards of it, that I can possibly get through not needing to buy any more.

Here is a picture of the survey corps crest from Attack on Titan to give you an idea of what the middle of the blanket will look like:


Behind the feathers, the background of the shield is grey. I plan to have the crest be 2′ across, with a 1′ border on either side in dark forest green. I also hope to do 1′ at the top and 1′ at the bottom, with 3′ of the crest going up. I am not sure, and will have to play with the measurements as I go. I will post pictures as this pattern progresses along with a definitive pattern for other people to use at their discretion.

I’ve so far created a color work pattern that looks like this, it does need some adjustments but this is roughly what the pattern looks like:


Once I figure out the gauge of the yarn and the needles I’ll have a better understanding on how exactly the stitches will work in this pattern. Keep your eyes out for updates!

Update #1: I’ve started the crest, and am about a 1/6 of the way through it!