Baby Mena Baby Blanket


One of my friends has asked me to make her a baby blanket for her future niece and/or nephew! Her brother is extremely catholic (though she is not) and is practicing “natural family planning” with his equally conservative, catholic wife– so she could be pregnant at any time. I figured that it was no skin off my back to do it– especially since the supplies for baby blankets are so easy to haul around! I decided to make it in strips again and here is the pattern that I’ll be using:

I’ve decided to once again utilize the Tree of Life pattern from the Tree of Life Afghan, as it does really look quite nice on baby blankets. For this blanket, especially since it is unknown what gender the baby will be, I’ve decided to use neutral colors. I’ve already got a stash of the Valley Yarns Southwick, as I have for the rest of the baby blankets that I’ve done. You can find the link to this yarn here.

Moreover, I’ve decided to put the leaves as the outside. Cliché, perhaps, but I realized out of the 3 baby blankets that I’ve already made, I’ve never done this! Might as well start now, I suppose. 

Pictures will be forthcoming after I finish all of my other projects for the holidays and actually start the project. 


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