Rainbow Blanket #2


So I promised to make a graduation/christmas presents for one of my very good friends, Andrea Spain because he is now living in Japan, in the North where it gets a bit chilly during the winter! Unfortunately I was unable to finish it before he left in the beginning of August, but his lovely girlfriend (and one of my very very good friends) is going to send it in her care package that she is sending at the end of the month!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

This pattern is SO SIMPLE (and an Amalia original :D). I used Valley Yarns Northampton with this pattern, though any kind of worsted weight wool yarn should do the trick! You can purchase it online from the same store that I used right here.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 balls of each color that you want to use in the rainbow (I skipped indigo with this particular rainbow, but it is ok to include!)
  • Size US 9 (5.5mm) circular needle, 60″ long
  • time. Seriously, this blanket was a bit of a monster.

First, determine how long you want your blanket to be. I accidentally made mine a bit longer than intended, and CO about 360 stitches (approx 6 ft.)

Then, knit 27 rows of the first color. When you reach the end of the 27th row, join the 2nd color and knit 27 rows, etc. At the end, cast off and VOILA, rainbow blanket!

Even though I didn’t account for exactly how long this blanket was going to be, it is the perfect blanket to roll up in! The yarn is super snuggly (and as an added bonus) super warm! Stay tuned for my next rainbow blanket, which will include a white cloud border (which I’ll be making for a different friend’s christmas/winter holiday present!


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