Monthly Archives: March 2013

Adventures and Projects


Well, I know it’s been quite a while since I posted (last August in fact!) but I wanted to write a quick update about what is going on:

My life was quickly consumed by Smith College, and I was so stressed out that I basically stopped knitting and creating- which in turn made me more stressed.

I just finished my partner’s mother’s christmas present arm warmers…yesterday, and am still working on the shawl for my mother (pictures of both will be forthcoming!)

In other news, my partner’s mother gave him (and by default me!) a sewing machine for christmas! So I’m going to be trying my hand at creating a quilt for a couple of friends of mine who are graduating and hoping to be in Japan next year – and at least one of them is a heat seeking lizard who can’t stay warm– and Japan is a country that doesn’t believe in heating. So, making them a super warm blanket sounded like the perfect way for me to not only relieve my stress but also celebrate their graduation.

Currently I have decided to try my hand at a patchwork quilt, which will be 9 4″ squares by 9 4″ squares, making the blanket very large. I am hoping to make one, if not two for them, but I can definitely produce one (especially with a machine!)

I also have started plans for my own nerdy quilt- I think that I will be making myself a portal companion cube quilt- I found a pattern and everything 🙂 So I’ll definitely have picture and updates about that soon!

I hopefully will be taking more time to write about my projects and update with pictures, so stay tuned and stay warm! (fingers crossed that we don’t get any more crazy snow :P)