Typewritten Letters


You make me want to
Lie in tall grass, sun-warmed;
Your blonde curls brushing my skin
in secret places that I did not know 
I possessed, but you possess me
in ways that I didn’t know possible

Your words float over my body-
A small stream of typewriter letters 
greet my eyes and ears when you speak.
Like clouds across the sky;
your laughter trickles across my chest,

Soft, you are so soft.
I don’t know what to do with softness.
Forgive me if I hesitate, but please, 
be the anchor to my wayward ship. 
I’ve been off course for so long
I do not know what it feels like to be
grounded; my feet upon the sand,
with someone to hold my hand.
(won’t you please) take my hand?


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