A striped surprise!


A striped surprise Hat! Made for Jayke on his 22nd birthday- the picture below is what the hat turned out as (my very first solo pattern!)

Finished Product!

This is the finished product! eeee!

A striped surprise hat pattern:

CO 96 stitches onto a size 8 circular needle

Rounds 1-13: k2p2 for 13 rounds in Main color (MC)

Round 14-16: straight knit in Main color for 3 rounds (you will only knit for the remainder of the hat)

Rounds 17-22: switch to alternate color for 5 rounds

rounds 23-25: MC for 3 rounds

Rounds 26-28: AC for 3 rounds

Rounds 29-30: MC for 2 rounds

Rounds 31-40: AC for 10 rounds

Rounds 41-42: MC for 2 rounds

Rounds 43-45: AC for 3 rounds


K11, K2together

K10, K2tog

K9, K2tog

K8, K2tog

K7, K2tog

K6, K2tog

K5, K2tog

K4, K2tog

K3, K2tog

K2tog until only 4 stitches left, then draw string through to bind together. Sew in tails


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