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Typewritten Letters


You make me want to
Lie in tall grass, sun-warmed;
Your blonde curls brushing my skin
in secret places that I did not know 
I possessed, but you possess me
in ways that I didn’t know possible

Your words float over my body-
A small stream of typewriter letters 
greet my eyes and ears when you speak.
Like clouds across the sky;
your laughter trickles across my chest,

Soft, you are so soft.
I don’t know what to do with softness.
Forgive me if I hesitate, but please, 
be the anchor to my wayward ship. 
I’ve been off course for so long
I do not know what it feels like to be
grounded; my feet upon the sand,
with someone to hold my hand.
(won’t you please) take my hand?


[I floated on air across your chest] ©A. Charles


That night,
I floated on air across your chest
brushing intimate insides
that you have kept hidden
for twenty-one long years. 

I am an untuned piano.
And a broken song flows from me
In short waves and bursts
Of colours of dreams
that haunt the midnight sky

Can you not look with
your ears and hear me
calling you, beseechingly
from across the sea
the sun hidden from our
moon-filled eyes.

Dawn broke as we did-
across the early morning birdsong,
as our gasps for breath were muffled:
by the gently wafting curtains hanging
beside the bed.


I have unwound myself, 
covered in tangles and snarls
unable to see my skin;

I am purple and blue,
green yellow – bruised
like a over-ripe banana, 
twisted from the stem
splattered over the kitchen walls-
from blending my pieces without a lid.

I tried to congeal, refit myself back
into the mold I had been forcibly peeled from
unable to return 
(my smiles ripped away from me, broken)

I’ve been put in a pressure cooker,
unable to escape the locked lid, screaming, 
[unheard]. I can’t live like this, the steam 
will crack, and reform – different. 

I am whispered after, 
lost, waiting to be found –
unable to read a map enough
to save myself: my mother always told
me that’d I’d lose my way;

I’m cracked, pieced back together 
with glue- some of my pieces lost, between
the cracks of my memories- erased.

I have unwound …

A striped surprise!


A striped surprise Hat! Made for Jayke on his 22nd birthday- the picture below is what the hat turned out as (my very first solo pattern!)

Finished Product!

This is the finished product! eeee!

A striped surprise hat pattern:

CO 96 stitches onto a size 8 circular needle

Rounds 1-13: k2p2 for 13 rounds in Main color (MC)

Round 14-16: straight knit in Main color for 3 rounds (you will only knit for the remainder of the hat)

Rounds 17-22: switch to alternate color for 5 rounds

rounds 23-25: MC for 3 rounds

Rounds 26-28: AC for 3 rounds

Rounds 29-30: MC for 2 rounds

Rounds 31-40: AC for 10 rounds

Rounds 41-42: MC for 2 rounds

Rounds 43-45: AC for 3 rounds


K11, K2together

K10, K2tog

K9, K2tog

K8, K2tog

K7, K2tog

K6, K2tog

K5, K2tog

K4, K2tog

K3, K2tog

K2tog until only 4 stitches left, then draw string through to bind together. Sew in tails

Hello world!


Hello to the Interwebs!

As a stressed out college student, I like to knit a lot and to make up patterns. Hopefully I can use this site to post my patterns on the internet for others to use as well!


Happy knitting!
-A smithie